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MA 1994 F150 cab, 8ft bed, front clip

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May 19, 2020
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I'm parting out a '94 F150. I want the bench seat, engine bay and body harness, instrument cluster, brake system, steering wheel, a couple odds and ends everything from the frame down. That means basically the whole body is up for grabs. Cab is basically rust free, corners, body mounts, etc are all solid. Driver's side has trail damage from the door back. Passenger side of the bed survived a blowout. Core support is recently replaced. All the glass is good. Front fenders are good. Interior is mint except the dash bezel. Hood has a dent where I got pissed off and hit it with a mag light. Comes with a spare hood of a different color I pulled out of a dumpster. Clean title. If you want something you have to pull it yourself. Good functional 4WD E4OD and 31spl 8.8 with lunchbox locker are also available but you gotta pay money for those.
Not open for further replies.
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