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"1987" rear wheel bearing/rear disc swap


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Aug 16, 2020
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just wanted to highlight something i ran into doing rear wheel bearings and installing a trailtough rear disk swap kit on my 87.

discovered my 87 has a 2000 - 2004 tacoma rear axle (who knew??) and here are the differences, the taco bearings have a taller inner race on one side, for axial spacing (taller bearing cup on the tacomas?) and the outer seal is a slightly larger o d. where it goes into the bearing cup. the rest of it is identical, bearing o.d. and i.d. is the same, the seal runner is the same, snap ring, o ring, all the same. so aside from the bearing and outer seal, the kits are identical. i'll update once i get the correct bearings tomorrow if the disc conversion fits onto the tacoma axle (supposed to fit 79 - 95 pickup axles). just trying to contribute a little bit of tech for everything i've gained here (well, pirate) lurking over the years

turns out you can run 1 79-85 pickup shaft and 1 2000-2004 tacoma shaft in an 87 housing with no problems
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