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1500hd sas


Jun 30, 2020
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getting mixed results here.

looking to put a dana 60 in the front of my 1500hd

can I just use the ord sas kit for gmt800?

goal is to be on 35-37s

looking to make my 1500hd crew into chevys version of a power wagon.
i have a gmt400 ord leaf spring 60 swap, and i clear 37s. so i would say yes.
out of a ford so I can keep my factory tcase.
I am looking at picking up one from a 6.0 superduty. either a leaf spring version for the ord or a link setup and the wfo kit.
The ORD kits work with 78-79, and 75-98 d60s. The super duty 60 has a wider leaf perch width.
will the ord kit work for my truck though? since the 1500hd has a wired frame.
The kit you are looking at is specifically designed for leaf spring perch spacing... using an axle that the kit is not designed for will require you to make extensive modifications to the kit itself. Use the axle the kit is designed for and have it semi easy... use a different axle and have it not easy at all... or do like actual builders do and fabricate your own sas kit to utilize any axle of your choosing. Then you can join the "pulling my hair out over this shit" club:rolleyes:
well I haven't bought an axle yet. I am looking at which kit will work with the 1500hd frame.
I remember vaguely on the other board that someone asked this same question. Can't think how it turned out for them. I'm pretty sure the 2500 kits worked, or were close enough to work with a little modification. I think you'll need to call the company and ask.
Honestly though, if you can fab, start looking at an 05+ super duty axle. Use the cool buckets already on the axle and radius arm brackets. Get a kit that has new radius arms and stiff that under your truck. Might be the easiest way to go... relatively:laughing:
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