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1102 Military Trailer


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Jun 1, 2020
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I was following a bunch of stuff on a local online auction and now find myself the owner of a 1102 trailer and a 700 dollar hole in my wallet. I will pick it up over the weekend. In a perfect world I would find an easy way to make a frame under it and convert it to a legit dump trailer. If I keep it I would want to put smaller tires on it and lower it quite a bit, convert to electric brakes, and put a ball hitch on it. In a less than perfect world I will flip it and maybe make a few bucks.

Are you guys familiar with these and can lend some insight?

Here is a link to it https://kraftauctions.hibid.com/lot...1x-85-1-4--with-pintle/?pn=4&q=&ref=past-bids
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I've got a M101A3 and have looked into the 1102 as a possibility for something with a bed. Underneath, they are very similar. My M101 is a heavy work trailer, handles 3000 lbs no problem and doesn't strain until 4000 lbs.

I pulled the rusty hydraulic brake unit off of it when I got it and installed a pintle hitch. Still running the stock axle with some old Ford 16" wheels and truck tires. It's old reliable and paid for itself 100x over.

Once I tried using it as a tilt trailer using a crossbar and a hi-lift . Wouldn't do it again without beefing up the hinges and reworking the latches, especially if its used like this often. The tilt feature on this is so they can cram a dozen of them in a cargo plane or train.
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