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‘20 F150: Makes Electric Motor/Pump Noise When Sitting


Gun Plumber
May 20, 2020
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Greenwood, CA
This is rental I’ve had for several months, so I don’t really care, but don’t want to get stranded, and it has my curiosity up.

For about the last week, I’ll be out in the driveway and the truck randomly makes a motor noise, like maybe a fuel or air pump. It lasts for maybe a second, but happens about every minute or so. Keys aren’t in it, doors are closed. I feel like it normally made that same noise when the driver door was opened, but never payed much attention.
I know an '09 toyota will run a vacuum or pressure pump in the evap system at odd hours of the night, for leak checking
they probably got something similar, though every hour seems excessive

if it were just when you open the door, I've heard of some cars running the fuel pump for a second to clear out any air bubbles so you don't get any delay on starting
What engine and trim? I have an 18 lariat with the 2.7 ecoboost and swear I remember hearing something similar a couple times. Definatley not every hour, just a couple times over the ~3 years I've owned it.
It’s a non turbo v8. Don’t know what engine, but it’s a complete dog compared to the last F150 I had with some turbo engine and 10 speed. That truck was impressive.

And this is making this sound about every minute, not hour.
Our eco boost ate the vacuum pump, still worked but made a bunch of noise when you hit the brakes.
Took several trips to dealer, and figured it out on accident one evening.
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