1. Mittnz

    1990 Cherokee XJ Build

    I guess I will start a build thread. Preface: I am an idiot and I don't know shit about Jeeps, but, in the last 8 months of owning this Jeep, I have learned a ton, learned how to weld, basically turned a whole garage into a fab shop, and wasted a fuck ton of money and time. Please feel free to...
  2. CDA 455 II


    Where is a nOOB/simple place to put an AM engine temp gauge sensor? Buddy of mine has one and is asking.
  3. DFW Rusty

    XJ rough idle at temp issue

    My good friend has a 97ish XJ, 4.0, auto, on tons. A couple months ago it developed this weird issue where it will idle like dog shit at temp. However, you can clear it by revving it to the moon for a few seconds, or kill it and start it again after letting it sit for about 5 minutes. It comes...
  4. Sean778

    XJ Dana 44 Thick gear re-hash nonsense

    I need help with the brain parts of this decision. I have an ‘89 Pioneer XJ with 4.0l, AW4, NP242, hp non-disco 30 front, factory d44 rear, 3.55s in the pumpkins, on some old but no-mile 33x12.5r15 Mickey Thompsons. The plan has always been to keep it on 33s, keep the decent leaf sprung rear...
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