1. WA Vortec 454 w/ Whipple Charger

    Figure I'll post it here first. This was pulled from my '98 K3500 for a cummins swap. Has about 145k miles on it, I don't know how many miles are with the supercharger, but I'd guess its been on it most of it's life. I'd like to keep it for a future project, but I've got too much crap as it...
  2. Lil'John

    4.3L vortec refresh/upgrade path for eventual turbo

    Title is almost the short. Engine will get a turbo then get swapped into another rig. I already know that there are better swap candidates except for the fact that I have the 2000 4.3L vortec. Longer: 4.3L vortec in 2000 4wd S10 pickup. It had a mild overheat and it now sucks a little bit...
  3. xr-nut

    KS GM 4.3L Vortec parts Free

    I have a box of 4.3L gm vortec parts. Intake, injector spider, harness, ecm, throttle body, etc. It was on my buggy when I bought it a few years back on the other place. I was tired of an intermittent drive-ability issue so I put on a sniper set up with an hei. i think they are mid 90s era...
  4. IowaOffRoad

    Allison 1000/2000 Technical service information 2023-05-05

    Download to view, thought it was helpful
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