1. Winchested

    DOT brake lines for rigs running long travel coil overs/ ORI's

    Question for the builders. How would you run the brake lines for the front axle? I think we want this rig to stay DOT legal so no JIC or AN stuff right? So come all the way back to the bottom link crossmember then run lines down the top of the links with zip tie tabs OR just run off the...
  2. muadib

    Add suspension travel?

    1994 GMC 1500 4WD 350engine Manual TC. SAR/IFS drums and discs. That should cover the basics. Love this truck. Needs some TLC. Want to add suspension travel. Don't need a lift, just would like more travel. The stock setup is marginally adequate. This truck will be for dirt roads gravel...
  3. snivilous

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel 2023-05-12

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel with plate construction (may require modification)
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