1. YotaAtieToo

    Upgrade axles on enclosed trailer?

    Thinking about selling my 7x14 7k enclosed and getting something like an 8x20. Problem is that a lot of them still use 3500lb axles. How much different are the frame on a typical 7k enclosed vs a 10k? I figured if I can get one cheap enough I'd just go to 7k axles with 16s.
  2. Provience

    Trailer Tongue Repair Questions

    Alright, it's been just over 2 years but i'm finally going to start hacking up my trailer. I'd like to solicit some advise to make sure i'm not being too retarded :homer: Trailer is 2x6xprobably 0.120 for the outside rails. probably 80" wide and 20' long, dual 3k axles. Title says homebuilt...
  3. Shop/garage trailer?

    I have a project car that's been sitting under a tarp in a storage lot for years that I want to work on. Am I retarded for thinking I could just setup shop in a 8.5x24 or 28 10k cargo trailer until I accumulate enough cash to buy a real shop/land in a few years? Car itself is 65" wide, inside...
  4. Vinman

    Trailer brakes make a pulsating thumping noise

    Title pretty much says it all. I have a utility trailer with tandem 3,500 Dexter axles and if the trailer is plugged into the truck there is an audible “thump, thump, thump” noise coming from the brakes. The noise starts as soon I make the connection. The brakes appear to otherwise work...

    GM Trailer Wheels

    Can I run the 8 on 6.5 GM aluminum truck wheels on trailer axles? Will I need to bore out the wheel hub? Is the offset close enough?
  6. chaplinfj60

    rock well centers needed 4 trailer

    good am all, does anyone have a decent source for Rockwell wheel centers. i found a couple places and OMG they want a huge price for them.. i was gonna change out this axle on my m105 military trailer but why not just get new wheels that are lower to the ground and that solves my issue if...
  7. paulhead

    What are these clips on the trailer brake shoes?

    The shoes are identical to the ones I have now but don't have this round thing and clips.
  8. Trailer tire brands and choices

    I have a typical 7x16 trailer I bought from a good buddy. The trailer has the typical 205/75/15 tires that these things come with. I have never had a tire issue until the last trip. I think it was a pothole that got it. So the tires are a load range C which puts the tire right at the max...
  9. GLTHFJ60

    Trailer brake replacements

    Need to replace the brakes on my trailer. Tandem dexter 7k torsen axles, 12x2 brakes. Etrailer and Amazon have combo kits like this one. Any reason not to go with this, or are there upgrades I should be looking at instead?
  10. Looking at first trailer purchase

    And you assholes are where I get all my trailer info so I know I am fucked...:lmao: Needs: My tractor (Ford1700 w/FEL) and mini-ex on the trailer at the same time. Mini ex is ~2K lbs. Tractor is in the 5k range. Occasional car. Tow rig: 71 F250 with 79 D60 F&R - Stock spring and airbags...
  11. TiTRD

    4 Season Trailer

    Picked up a 2024 all aluminum Snopro trailer. It's a hybrid snowmobile trailer custom ordered with extra height with idea being it would fit a SxS if purchased eventually and that we can use it as a camper in the warm season. Camping will be "modular" so that it can be returned to a snowmobile...
  12. Lil'John

    Trash trailer, V tongue or Y tongue?

    I've got an old truck I'm going to strip the drivetrain out of and will have bed/rear axle left over. I want to convert it over for use as a trash trailer. The question I have is whether to go with a V style or Y style framing for the togue. I will have the full frame available from the front...
  13. 61scout80

    Looking for a new trailer. Weights and capacities have me confused.

    My wife has started taking short-term medical provider jobs away from home. We're currently traveling with my 2019 Ram 2500 towing a 2005 wells cargo 20 foot enclosed trailer with her 2019 Jeep Rubicon and other assorted tools and junk we like to have for months away from home. The trailer is a...
  14. YotaAtieToo

    Adding bypass valve to hydraulic tilt trailer?

    I want to add a gravity tilt valve to my trailer at work. At first I thought just tee into the 2 lines and put a valve in, but then I remembered the rod will displace fluid and just letting it flow from one side to the other won't work. Is there an easy way to do this with the common 12v...
  15. Rewiring a trailer

    Have a 25k twin axle dually tilt deck trailer i need to rewire. It's a mix of cobbled together garbage and orginal 40yr old brittle as shit wiring. Currently only have brake lights and turns working. Need clearance and brakes. I looked at brand new trailers for ideas and most made me want to...
  16. Hauling trailer skin?

    So we started with pulling off the roof off my 22" fifth wheel cargo trailer, and then moved on to passenger side, and will need to change it completely due to water damage I see it is thin plywood and aluminum, is this correct? What are thebspexs - what thickness or type of plywood and skin...
  17. Anyone haul a big SxS and a jeep on the same 20 foot trailer?

    I have 20 foot car trailer. I want to haul a KRX1000 and a XJ. Has anyone made a ramp system to raise one end of the SxS over the front of the Jeep or something similar? I don’t want a huge, heavy trailer because I am towing with a 2018 F150 or 08 E350 currently. I have airbags for the truck.
  18. Trailer 7 pin connector wtf did I buy? looks different than my other 7 pin, but it fits. I am confused..
  19. Coyote

    Building a new Lube/Service trailer. Let's see yours.

    Building a new Lube trailer to replace our old one of 15 years. Looking for any ideas that I might have missed. Old trailer. 14' 3500# axles. New trailer. 16', 5000# axles, extra headroom. Current plan 2-...
  20. Trailer wiring worth a damn

    Just like the title states. I’m looking to redo my trailer wiring. Simple 15’ car trailer with two axles, both with brakes. When I originally rebuilt everything 8ish years ago I used all NAPA stuff because it was local and I was in a pinch (poor planning). Idk if a mouse chewed my wire, but...
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