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  1. DIY Bantam Trailer?

    Anyone here make a replica? I think it would be so cool to have one but they are expensive here and rare as hens teeth Did some searching and found a lot of refurb posts but nothing from a clean slate. It would be nice to have something to haul yard waste etc. around with my Tj
  2. KS 1182 Lance Camper on trailer

    For sale a 2012 1181 Lance slide in pickup camper mounted on a 2021 30 foot Big Tex dual tandem deckover trailer. The camper is in good condition and everything works. It has one slide, an Onan generator, and a dry bath. I have modified the booth/table area to have two chairs for more...
  3. bgaidan

    Gravity tilt trailer to power tilt

    Picked up a brand used 24' 15k full tilt (gravity) trailer yesterday. After years of abusing my 7k hauler, this thing will get put to good use. I'm already thinking about converting it to power tilt. Originally I was thinking it would be as easy as adding a pump and swapping the...
  4. Trailer winches?

    Searched.. no luck. I need a new winch on my car trailer.. old winch will be cut off and mounting options are pretty much all on the table. Just need to pull rolling loads once in awhile. I’ve considered: China winch.. probably from TSC traveler brand Portable like a pulls-all or whatever, or...
  5. CDA 455 II


    I have a military trailer with a max payload of 2,760lbs nOOB question: How big a deal would it be if I loaded/carried a 3,700lb camper on it (3,400lb camper+300lbs camping gear/stuff)? Suspension is torsion bars: Maybe swap shocks to deal with the more weight? Or it's a no-go/get bigger...
  6. shortbus4x4

    ID Trailer axle

    Heavy duty trailer axle I saved off an air compressor that got scrapped years ago. Doing some clean up and I'll never get around to using it. 6 lug, spring perches 30.5", WMS 66". Has 5 stud flanges for brakes 57.25". Axle tube approx 3.5". In Post Falls ID. $50 come and get it.
  7. Crawl Away


    I am looking for a trailer to haul two Jeeps - one a Gladiator and one a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I think the Wrangler is 15’8” and 5,000-ish lbs and the Gladiator is 18’2” and is 5,500-ish lbs. My truck’s GVWR is 11,350 lbs. Can I get by with a 34’ 14,000 GVWR gooseneck that weighs 6,700 lbs...
  8. '84 Bronco II

    NM GONE - 3.5K Trailer Axle Hubs (QTY 2)

    Used 3.5K trailer axle hubs with bearings and seals. $5 if you want the new dust caps. I took these off my car hauler to install brakes on my second axle and they are in good, working condition. One stud has some boogered threads, but you could just run a 1/2"-20 die over it or replace it...
  9. CA Qty 2, 12’ aluminum boats, with 2-stroke Johnson motors, one trailer $1,500

    Time to sell these. I acquired them in a trade with big ideas of fishing…they haven’t moved since I brought them home. 😞 Two 12’ aluminum boats, only one trailer. Have two 2 stroke motors Johnson brand of unknown condition (I’ve never used them). Also have one trolling motor, life vests, oars...
  10. 2big bronco

    CA Little tent trailer SOLD

    Bought it yesterday for $1400 and the wife was disgusted by it, pissed me off, and I told her now she will be lucky to get a regular tent. Decent overall shape with a few little quirks. I ASSUME the water and stove worked but am not going to bother hooking them up. Has good tires with spare...
  11. Maine trailer plates

    Who's done the out of state trailer registration? Illinois can eat my ass, $256 dollars a year for a trailer that will see 200 or so miles a year? Pass. My plates are due here soon on my 10K PJ tilt and Id like to swap it over to a little more budget friendly options, Who did you use to do the...
  12. blakes

    CO 2014 GN 22' flatbed trailer

    I've own this gooseneck since 2017 and have used it only a few times. In great shape. Sold the rig I was towing it with. I can't deliver. Located on my property in Drake Colorado. $6000
  13. Connector for Trailer Wiring

    I'm looking for this connector with pigtail for my 2017 Highlander. I don't need the whole kit, just this connector with wires. This plugs in under the rear mat, ahead of the bumper. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. 2001 Ranger trailer wiring

    Looking at the trailer wiring on my ranger and it has an integrated 4 wire connector in the factory harness. It had a add on 7 blade connector with a pigtail that plugs into the 4 pin connector. Ground is good.... that's it. All regular lights work as expected, so unsure on where to go next...
  15. Weasel

    E-Track for flat trailer

    Got a small trailer awhile back and need to stick some attachment points on it. Planning on using e-track rails and in my looking today at local stores HF was the only ones that had any of it. Go figure. But they only had 2 pieces of the horizontal rails but thye had plenty of the vertical...
  16. YotaAtieToo

    Enclosed trailer thread #eleventy

    It started out looking at buying or building a shed to keep our dirt bikes in. We currently have 5, (pw50, ttr50, kx65, crf150 & 300xc, fwiw) Then I realized, why not just get a shed on wheels? That way it doesn't take half a day to load everything up just to go out for a few hours. Long story...
  17. granitestatedestroyer

    best cheap(er) trailer brakes

    I've got to replace the brakes on my trailer. 7k dexters. any suggestions for brake sources? I know, buy it nice or buy it twice, but there's got to be a balance between quality and affordable. I see there are 360/per pair brakes on e-trailer, or 216 for 4 brakes on amazon. what have you used?
  18. 94toytruck

    Trailer TPMS systems

    Anyone running one of these stand alone TPMS units for their trailer? I been curious of them for awhile but never really looked into them before.
  19. CDA 455 II


    YotaAtieToo How about a set up and demo vid of your DIY welder for us sub-nOOBS?:grinpimp:
  20. BlackfishFab

    The Blackfish Fab Trailer... Less is more?

    Been waiting till I finished to post pics. I'll post detailed pics based on any questions asked. I would call this luxury spartan. As in, it doesn't take much to make me happy, but what I have needs to be quality. Everything in the trailer as far as counters, cabinets, dinette, guest bed...