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    Cracked TH350?

    I picked up a Th350 from a buddy simply for the output shaft (freebe) it had been kicking around forever and he told me it was cracked because he was running without a t'case cross member. I'll be damned if I see any cracks. Would love to use as is because that means I won't be pulling two...
  2. chaplinfj60

    back up light th350 with art carr shifter

    good am all, i maybe missing this but how in the heck can i make a back up switch. i thought i could just by a switch and put that in the trans but then i read more and swear i read the th350 does not have that ability. ok now do i put some sort of switch on the art carr somewhere. if...
  3. snivilous

    TH350 Transmission 2023-05-12

    TH350 Transmission, Credit to Randall E. on GrabCAD