1. Snowracer

    In tank fuel pump conversion

    ok so its a little past tuesday and im sure this is a stupid question. im running a Fitech efi with an inline fuel pump and aluminum fuel cell and the inline pump is very loud. want to convert over to intake pump, will make my own sender and cut a hole in the cell ect. real question here is...
  2. Covecrawler

    1991 Ram 50 fuel tank

    A friend just picked up a 1991 Ram 50. It’s been sitting and the fuel tank is in terrible shape inside. Rusted. I cannot find a replacement, new or used. It seems as though this is an issue for these trucks. Does anyone know of a decent replacement? Ideas aside from a fuel cell?
  3. 1st gen 4runner tank relocation

    I'm considering moving my stock tank to sit behind the rear axle between the frames rails. Have any of you done this? I'd love pics and to hear about it. Mark
  4. F150 Tank Swap 3rd Gen 4runner

    1997 Toyota 4runner Limited SAS with F150 tank swap (NO BODY LIFT). Below is the parts list and information regarding this swap as well as resources and links for the products. Vehicle is running and driving and can hold WOT up to 65mph no problem, no sputters or anything. Parts List: Ford...
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