1. Poke

    ‘20 paddle shifters

    2020 navigator. My father keeps accidentally grabbing the paddle shifters and dropping gears. It’s dangerous. I assume it’s the same system in all fords Is there a way to turn them off or easily remove them?
  2. whos making triple shifters these days?

    need a triple shifter so i dont have to cut up the floor so much in a tacoma sas dual case project, last one i bought was from davez off road but his website says store front closed and radesigns website dont work no more anyone know if anyone is making them anymore? or where i can score one?
  3. Huntieebooboo

    Atlas cable or linkage shifters

    Picked up a used atlas 3.8 that needs shifters, would like to hear your thoughts on either. Paired to an AX15.
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