1. desertPOS

    CA Smog Requirements for Truck Converted to RV

    I've looked into the requirements for registering a truck as an RV before, but my understanding was that your advantage in doing so was to not have to pay commercial registration fees and not really much else. Friend of mine is telling me that you can also bypass smog requirements as an RV - I...
  2. CarterKraft

    1977 359 Pete DIY RV build YouTube

    I've posted this guys channel in the YouTube thread but after going deeper in to his RV build thread i thought I'd share it directly to the tow rig camper sub. Stuff like custom built 3-53 Detroit generator with 275 amp 24v alternator, air compressor hydronic heating loop and hand made squirrel...
  3. ridered3

    LA 2020 46' Dune Sport Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV

    Posting for a riding buddy. Had some major life changes so ready to downsize. I’ve spent many a night around this trailer and family. This was their DREAM setup and painstakingly researched and picked option to build exactly what they wanted. Skip the waiting line at Dune Sport (which as you can...
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