1. CA Gm brake calipers and rotors

    Calipers and rotors Calipers were on a 14 bolt and came from ruff stuff I believe the rotors are the standard 3/4 ton gm rotors for 14 bolt disk swap. I'm not sure where i got them but I did not use them. Specs on rotors: 12 7/8" OD 5" ID Bore 3 1/8" overall width 1 1/2" thick 8x6.5" 11/16"...
  2. Wubsor

    CA TRADE - (my) Dana 60 5on5.5 Hubs and Rotors for (your) 8on6.5

    Like the title says, I have a set of Solid Axle Industries 5x5.5 Dana 60 Hubs and rotors. I thought I'd use them but I've decided I'd rather just stick with 8 lug. Anyone willing to trade straight across for some 8x6.5 hubs and rotors? I am willing to throw the caliper and caliper brackets in...
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