rock crawler

  1. Turbo Steve


    Let me give ya some of the back story of my F-Toy AKA "Groom Digger" Me and the fam have been desert junkies for very long time. When my son was about 4 years old when we got wind from a friend that the first King of the Hammers was going down and made our way out to Johnson valley for the...
  2. C.R.D

    51 Rock Crawler Build Build Thread

    Hey everyone, So I have been building my 51 Ford rock crawler for a few years now. This past January there was some significant changes in my personnel life that have allowed me to spend more time building this project. So here is a run down of what I have done and where this is going. The cab...
  3. Toyota Custom Built Buggy for sale

    Custom built rock buggy for sale. Built for the Hammer Trails in Southern California, now home to the King of Hammers off-road race. This car has done a majority of the trails at the Hammers, including the famous Back Door about 40-50 times. It's a purpose built off road rig set up for a...
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