1. NM Bridgeport Mill table (ABQ NM) SOLD

    No longer have a need for the table after buying a fixture table for welding. Works amazing as a welding fixture table. $200 OBO. Not sure on weight but Im not shipping this thing.
  2. NM Homeowner Electrical exam

    Has anyone taken the electrical exam offered thru the state to allow for pulling a permit as a home owner? HOMEOWNER'S ELECTRICAL PERMIT EXAM: 1. EXAMINATION INFORMATION a. Exams are scheduled for every Monday of the month b. The exam starts promptly at 8.30am c. We DO NOT PROVIDE CODE BOOKS...
  3. '84 Bronco II

    Help! Save the Trails Around Las Cruces, NM!

    This fell off my radar and TODAY is the last day you can submit comments to the BLM via their ePlanning site here: EplanningUi Las Cruces is one of the original rock crawling hot spots in the state (original Chile Challenge location, and the site of some of the earliest rock crawling...
  4. Sceep

    We're (NM) #1!

    :homer: https://wallethub.com/edu/drug-use-by-state/35150
  5. Sceep

    NM haha

  6. '84 Bronco II

    Chile Challenge 2023

    The Dates have been officially announced for the 32nd annual Chile Challenge hosted by the Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club! Official Website: Chile Challenge 4x4 OHV Event Registration: https://www.registrations.chilechallenge.org/ This is an awesome event that is geared towards hardcore rock...
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