1. MudRaider

    Gen 3 spark plugs

    One of the members over on Mitsubishi Monteros USA Brian Alaman frequently makes great informational videos on various services to Mitsubishi's. Here's a great video on changing spark plugs on a Mk3.
  2. MudRaider

    No need for Montero Sport front diff.

    Bringing this over from the black hole of information known as Facebook so it's not lost. One of the members of Mitsubishi Monteros USA, Charlie North posted about locking out your vacuum actuated front differential. Here's what he said; "For everyone that has swapped to manual hubs up front and...
  3. Covecrawler

    1991 Ram 50 fuel tank

    A friend just picked up a 1991 Ram 50. It’s been sitting and the fuel tank is in terrible shape inside. Rusted. I cannot find a replacement, new or used. It seems as though this is an issue for these trucks. Does anyone know of a decent replacement? Ideas aside from a fuel cell?
  4. abeta040

    Mitsubishi Delica L300 Starwagon

    Hello, I'm new here and found this page via the snail trail podcast. Here is my 1994 Mitsubishi Delica L300 Starwagon. Has the 4d56 diesel engine. A fun project! Located in Madison, WI.
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