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  1. mongosd2

    Bay wing oil pan on a lq4

    Anyone running a batwing oil pan on thier lq4? Looking to see if there are any issues…
  2. LQ4 going into Goatbuilt chassis, valve train suggestion?

    So have been working here and there on the Goat built LJ chassis I bought last year. Went to stab the drivetrain last week and realized my LQ4 truck intake was going to hit the firewall. So started looking at options. Figured the Ls1 intake would fit the firewall problem as I test fit the Ls3...
  3. Im4yotas

    CA Ultra4 project powertrain: 6.0 LS 4l80e np205 hp60 and 9" -So Cal

    Edit: engine, trans and t-case are sold. Axles still for sale, $2500 Iron block 6.0 LQ4 with harness and ECU. Brand new water pump and F body oil pan/pickup tube with Felpro gasket. Complete except EGR. 4l80e trans that came out of the truck with the engine, but was originally in a van and...