1. 2 post lift tips

    I am working on a buggy on a 2-post lift and running into some challenges with pad placement up front. The weight bias is really forward with the back end not weighing much at all. The front suspension is radius arm with a panhard. Oh yeah, the 42”s don’t make it easy to get the lift arms...
  2. patooyee

    FL Benwil 7,000 lbs 2-Post Car Lift in North FL

    7000 lbs Benwil TPO-7 2 post lift. I've used it without issues for 17 years but upgraded at my new shop. I was using it up until about 3 days before I moved and I was planning to use it at my new shop until the last-second upgrade, so I didn't take any pics of it when it was up. It's only been...
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