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king of the hammers

  1. Toyota Custom Built Buggy for sale

    Custom built rock buggy for sale. Built for the Hammer Trails in Southern California, now home to the King of Hammers off-road race. This car has done a majority of the trails at the Hammers, including the famous Back Door about 40-50 times. It's a purpose built off road rig set up for a...
  2. Pharr

    Ultra4 4600 VW Touareg V10 TDI Build

    Hi! I'm Chris with Pharr Motorsports out of Austin, TX and this is our 2008 VW Touareg build thread. We are building this hotrod to compete in Ultra4. Yes, that's right we're a little nuts. First off.. a few common questions I get regarding this thing: Q: "lololol a Touareg?? Really? Why?" A...
  3. Austin

    Irate KoH Recap

    Damn ... what a good time! From an Irate standpoint .... The wife and I had media passes, we went to get our vests Wednesday and was told they were out. Apparently they ordered 500 and got 100 in. There are way better photographers out there then either of us so I didn't make a big deal...
  4. CJKnoll96

    KOH 2022 "from the right seat"

    I wrote this up last year and wasn't sure what to do with it figured some of you might enjoy the read as we head into KOH 2023. King Of the hammers from the Right Seat King of the Hammers is one of those events that’s like a speeding bullet train, you can see it from miles out, you know...