1. NH Ford - Front 5 bolt spindles and 8 lug hubs - Dana 50 or 60, please

    Don't need them right away, this is to use some weld on flanges I found on a shelf.
  2. lagunaMS

    MS Ford D60 dually hubs

    Have a ford kp d60 from a 90 model I need dually hubs for. Anyone have these? and is there any feasible way to ship them? about to message a guy that's 6 hours away that has them but figured i'd check here first. shipping might be more than the gas for that trip tho
  3. MI Nitro Locking Hubs for 35 spline Dana 60 (sold)

    One is brand new in the box, other was taken out of box and partly installed until I released there not right ones for the Dana 60 I'm building. Just trying to recoup some of the money I paid for them. 225 shipped anywhere in the US. You are being redirected... That's what they are.
  4. Dualmatic hubs

    What do ya’ll know about these? Pretty neat and something I haven’t come across before. Any idea what they fit? 10 spline, looks like 1 1/18 diameter. Never seen a hub with a plastic window in it like that
  5. '84 Bronco II

    NM GONE - 3.5K Trailer Axle Hubs (QTY 2)

    Used 3.5K trailer axle hubs with bearings and seals. $5 if you want the new dust caps. I took these off my car hauler to install brakes on my second axle and they are in good, working condition. One stud has some boogered threads, but you could just run a 1/2"-20 die over it or replace it...
  6. Wubsor

    CA TRADE - (my) Dana 60 5on5.5 Hubs and Rotors for (your) 8on6.5

    Like the title says, I have a set of Solid Axle Industries 5x5.5 Dana 60 Hubs and rotors. I thought I'd use them but I've decided I'd rather just stick with 8 lug. Anyone willing to trade straight across for some 8x6.5 hubs and rotors? I am willing to throw the caliper and caliper brackets in...
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