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  1. Bamfwrx

    Chevy gmt800 ifs?

    So I cycled the front suspension of my 2012 2500 suburban. I found the front shocks to limit droop by 1.6" it looks like the shock would need to be 17.5" . Cv's rotate smooth. None of the aftermarket shocks seem to be long enough? Should I move the mount up to be able to run a "lift" shock?
  2. Full size kid hauler, GMT800 vs GMT900 vs Expedition EL/MAX or??

    Lets get into a brand war, Ford vs Chevy :grinpimp: Looking to replace the wife's 2005 Yukon XL with 206k miles, its been a great truck, but the NY rust is starting to get to it (rockers are about year away from going, just did rear brake lines, will likely need the rest of the rear lines...
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