1. IowaOffRoad

    IA HAIR BAND ERA CAMARO!!!! 1984 Chevy Camaro, 2.5L 4cyl/4 speed manual $2200

    Still rock Motley Crue and Winger? Have or dream of having a mullet? Think Joe Dirt is the hero we need? Come and get this deal. 2.5L 4 cyl 4 speed manual. Runs drives stops. Has some new parts. Factory AC car, worked a year ago. Update I added 6oz to the AC and it works now. AC clutch...
  2. Gravy

    OH 2017 chevy express 2500

    Figured I'd throw this up if anyone is in need. $30,000 obo - Cincinnati, ohio 2017 chevy express 2500 < 72000 miles < 6.0 < ladder racks < shelves and divider < remote start and locks < bluetooth, ubs, 12v outlet, 110v outlet < heated mirrors < no rust < clear title < back up camera <...
  3. Trashman


    Looking for a Chevy NV3500 4wd trans. I am in AZ. Thanks.
  4. Swayzeexpress

    IL Sold : 99 chevy 3500 flatbed

    Diesel beauty getting rotated out, we don't work winters always stored inside. Only posting here for now, more warehouse stuff to move in the tools section:beer: 101710 miles
  5. Bamfwrx

    Chevy gmt800 ifs?

    So I cycled the front suspension of my 2012 2500 suburban. I found the front shocks to limit droop by 1.6" it looks like the shock would need to be 17.5" . Cv's rotate smooth. None of the aftermarket shocks seem to be long enough? Should I move the mount up to be able to run a "lift" shock?
  6. Thefishguy77

    Chevy 5.3 cooling question

    Ok Tuesday question of Sunday evening. So is was around 110 the other day and we were stuck in traffic AC cranked in direct sun. Was watching the temp gauge and sure enough she started to climb beyond 1/2 way. Killed the AC cranked the heat and rolled down the window till we got moving again...
  7. PAE

    Chevy engine out of a boat with magneto how to make it run good in a 1985/1986 non smog truck environment ?

    IM not sure about changing the heads as they are sealed with solid copper gaskets at the moment and would need to pull the o rings to run the same or to run oval port (matched) heads with felpro blue head gaskets. Compression is about 8.5-9:1, cam is/was a comp cams blower / turbo grind...
  8. YotaAtieToo

    ID 84 chevy k10 cheap SOLD

    SOLD This popped up as a package deal cheap enough we bought it. :laughing: Have way too many trucks already but am going to use it to store the camper for a bit. Don't know much how about it, it's 10 bolts and a 4 speed, didn't even peek to see what tcase, probably a 208? Motor looks...
  9. NH Got one coming

    See the gaping hole? I need to fill it.
  10. 4.3 Chevy balancer puller

    I bought a 10k forklift with the pulley separate Anyways, it's a MFer to get in there to work, even with the counterweight off, I don't think I can deal with the bolts with it in there. What's the right puller for that bad boy?
  11. Gravy

    OH 2015 chevy air intake

    Looking for the air box and intake piping for a 2015 chevy 2500 with a 6.0. Preferably complete. Thanks
  12. snivilous

    CHEVY LS3 2023-05-12

    Chevy LS3, Credit to Randall E. on GrabCAD
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