1. KluneV Goliath shifter cable

    Looking for a little direction here. I have a Klunev Goliath doubler with the 4 to 1 gear set. I broke the shifter cable and need to source another one. I can't seem to find these cables? Has anyone else needed to replace theirs? Where did you find a replacement?
  2. CA Warn M12000, with wire cable, remote & fairlead

    Bought this used and it didn’t fit my bumper. Needs a new home. Has a new contactor pack and all battery cables are here. I didn’t pull the cable out, but from is visible it seems good shape. $1,100. Pick it up on your way to or from KOH as you travel I5.
  3. Fusing alternator to battery cable

    How many people fuse the alternator to battery cable? Just finished up wiring my cj6 and on the fence about adding fuse. Seems like it’s 50/50 on this. I know Mechman alternators recommends against it, at least for their high amp alts.
  4. AlxJ64

    VA Self Traveling Electric Gantry Hoist - Coffing 1 Ton Cable

    Coffing 1 Ton, self traveling, cable gantry hoist. Located dead center between Richmond and Charlottesville, Va. Weighs 200 lbs, can load here or will strap to a pallet and truck freight if you set it up. Can load on a truck here most days of the week. Can also drop at a Fastenal (Eastern Zone)...
  5. What do you like for replacement jumper cable clamps?

    So I have a few sets that are 2&4 ga and they are good older cable with good jackets and solid copper cable, but the clamps are hosed. I am seeing some cheap clamps on amazon that look like they will last a year if I am lucky before they go to shit... What clamps are you buying as replacements?
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