1. rockota

    Does it exist? Battery lug

    Can't seem to find it on the intertoobs... I need a 90 degree horizontal battery lug... Can find plenty of vertical 90 degree options, but not horizontal. I have a packaging issue that would benefit from a 90 degree lug...
  2. Fusing alternator to battery cable

    How many people fuse the alternator to battery cable? Just finished up wiring my cj6 and on the fence about adding fuse. Seems like it’s 50/50 on this. I know Mechman alternators recommends against it, at least for their high amp alts.
  3. Lil'John

    Fixing a busted car battery. Bad idea?

    I ordered a new battery. Due to bad packing and FedEx doing FedEx things, the ground on the case was "busted": You can see the cracking around the red 'line'. A volt meter says the battery has a charge.:idea: So the simple question, can I do JB weld to seal it up and run it? If not JB weld...
  4. Is a clean battery wiring setup possible?

    When you’ve got 5 things running to the positive and battery terminals is it possible to have it not look like a disaster? Even with military style terminals mine look like I started wiring yesterday. Do you mount a terminal strip discretely and just one fat cable to the battery like these...
  5. PAE

    CA Battery cables 2/0 8-10 Ft Long

    What I have to offer you here is a partial length of 2/0 copper gazillian strand battery cables. Salvaged from a bunch of german VW cars. They are available in a few different conditions with nothing with a few looms with just shrink. 2nd pic shows with the looms and smaller branch wires...
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