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  1. toocheaptosmoke

    Tuesday Air Compressor Question - Old Champion

    I have this Champion 80 gallon compressor, circa 1953, with a 2 stage pump. There's a pedestal in between the pump and the tank, I haven't been able to find any info online about its purpose? I would think possibly some type of extra air cooler/water condenser? There is some type of...
  2. wvracer821

    Air compressor help

    I got a Kolbalt 80 gallon compressor for free from a friend. They took it out of service years ago because the motor was bad. It sat in his garage since 2016 until I picked it up. I put a new Chinese 5hp, 230v motor on it today and fired it up.it starts up normally but when It gets up to about...
  3. Wades_76_cj7

    Super Flo MV-50

    Does anyone know if you can get replacement reed valves in a Super Flo MV-50 compressor? Was using my RZR trail compressor that I've had for several years. It was airing up a tire like normal then the pitch changed and no more pressure. I haven't taken it apart yet but the last one I had broke a...
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