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4 Link Calculator 6.7

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The long used 4 Link Calculator. Though it may have changed a bit.

Features in the newest version include:
  • Analysis of 4 link, and limited analysis of 3 link with panhard, 4 link with panhard
  • Front, rear, and vehicle analysis
  • Imperial and metric unit systems
  • Anti-squat, anti-dive, anti-lift calculations
  • Roll center and roll slope calculations
  • Pinion angle change
  • Side to side movement predictions, where applicable
  • Link sizing and material selection
  • Driveshaft lengths and joint angles
  • Support for coilover and coilover+bypass setups
  • Support for axle and link mounted shocks
  • Shock install ratio calculations
  • Coilover spring rate estimation
  • Wheel rate and vertical force predictions
  • Analysis of vehicle at various points of front and rear suspension movement
  • Vehicle pitch under climb (and descent), acceleration and deceleration predictions
  • And more
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Latest updates

  1. Version 6.7

    Thanks to 93blackxj 's help the equations for the front and rear driveshafts angles have been...
  2. Version 6.6

    And version 6.6. Missed a fix on the front pinion u-joint angle.
  3. Version 6.5 More Fixes

    Bunch of fixes in this one. Weights, dropdown selections, and rod ends on Link Sizing page...