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4 Link Calculator 6.5

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The long used 4 Link Calculator. Though it may have changed a bit.

Features in the newest version include:
  • Analysis of 4 link, and limited analysis of 3 link with panhard, 4 link with panhard
  • Front, rear, and vehicle analysis
  • Imperial and metric unit systems
  • Anti-squat, anti-dive, anti-lift calculations
  • Roll center and roll slope calculations
  • Pinion angle change
  • Side to side movement predictions, where applicable
  • Link sizing and material selection
  • Driveshaft lengths and joint angles
  • Support for coilover and coilover+bypass setups
  • Support for axle and link mounted shocks
  • Shock install ratio calculations
  • Coilover spring rate estimation
  • Wheel rate and vertical force predictions
  • Analysis of vehicle at various points of front and rear suspension movement
  • Vehicle pitch under climb (and descent), acceleration and deceleration predictions
  • And more
Calculator Development thread: New Version of the 4 Link Calculator

How's My Number's thread: How's my numbers?

Linked Suspension Bible: December's Bible Build: Linked Suspensions
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Latest updates

  1. Version 6.5 More Fixes

    Bunch of fixes in this one. Weights, dropdown selections, and rod ends on Link Sizing page...
  2. Version 6.4 Excel Compatibility

    Cells using functions not present in older versions of Excel have been reworked to use different...
  3. Version 6.3 bug fixes and minor improvements

    This update only affects the results when in metric mode or when viewing the vehicle pitch page...