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USARC Poker Run, JV, May 13

Please forgive me if this is the wrong area for this. Move forward, delete if necessary.

USARC (United States, adaptive rec center) is trying to start an off-road program in Southern California to take those with handicaps offroading. They are having their first ever event, a fundraiser in JV on April 13. If anyone is local and wants to come out, that would be great. Here is a little blurb that my girlfriend put together:

Join United States Adaptive Recreation Center First Annual Helping Hands Poker Run - An Unforgettable Off-Road Adventure for a Great Cause! USARC is based in Big Bear, CA and provides accessible snow skiing to those with disabilities.

The poker run is on Saturday, May 13th in Johnson Valley.
Experience an ADA-accessible off-road event that educates & empowers individuals with disabilities while promoting off-road safety and etiquette. It'll be a fun filled day of off-roading, food trucks, and a chance to win prizes. All donations are tax-deductible.

Sign up: Join the USARC's Helping Hands Poker Run

Oh, I will be out there handing out :tank: stickers!


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Johnson Valley, CA, USA

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