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Dual batteries?

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    Dual batteries?

    I plan on running a 8,500 ramsey winch. I have a source of like new 720CCA AGM batteries for $0. I looked up specs of my alternator and it is rated at 90 Amps. Not sure how many amps the winch is going to draw. If the winch toasts the battery, I am not too concerned as I can swap it out, but I would rather not roast the alternator while out on a trail.

    Should I bother goin with a dual battery setup? I have the room to mount it, and I have the cables and lugs, but do I really need it or no?

    Also, the alternator has a fusible link. Should I leave the fuse link or cut that out and replace with a large blade type fuse?

    A solutely go dual battery.

    My 12k is 2x the winch on my dodge with 2 1100cca as it was with a old school yellow top

    Your winch shouldnt draw more than 300a
    With dual batts and concious use you. Ever need more alt or cook the charge wire.