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    Originally posted by Muckin_Slusher View Post

    Do you use the uncomfortable looking hand fucker-upper end? What is it good for?

    I found a bahco 8 inch adjustable on the ramp underground about 15 years ago. Cleaned it up and grindered an extra groove to make it open extra wide. Fucking amazing adjustable wrench. It spent the next 13 years dangling from my belt, klanking against other wrenches until I lost it in a sump.

    Now I carry a Chinko piece of shit 8 inch that peens over a nub from clanking against other wrenches. Steel that's soft as cheese. Can't open that fucker more than 1/2 inch because of the nub.
    i've only had the bahco wrenches for around 6 months ish. and i did use the other end, had a 1/8" pipe plug with a rounded off square drive head where a grease nipple should have been on a case 850 dozer. it was a full front pin and bushing job. nothing i had would grip it, finally realized that weird end had a use. got it warm and did the 5050 atf/acetone penetrating oil thing and got it out. cleaned it up with a tap and got a working nipple in it. happy happy.

    this round it wrench has a i rounded it to far side. and i like that. because thats the type of shit i do


      Originally posted by Wulf View Post

      They sure beat trying to use the crimper built into the inside handle of the automatic wire strippers. Those can be a real bitch when you're making a repair in a tight place or need 3 hands to hold the wire and crimp it
      I have some stripper and crumpets that are 90* on the crimp end. They have made life wonderful in the mentioned tight spaces.