86 4Runner Build

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    86 4Runner Build

    March 2, 2020

    Finally getting around to working on this as I have just been stocking away parts for a couple months now.

    Some background. I originally had a 3.0 second gen 4runner, blew up the motor and replaced but ultimately ended up selling that before I ever got around to a real build on it. Ended up in a Silverado and now a Power Wagon on 37s. Been wheeling the wagon for a couple years now and rather than continue to smash up the nice truck ended up picking this 86 4runner up for penny's.

    Plan is to build it as a cheap wheeler to start. I already have a geared D44 front to start the sas. Matching it with a rodeo D44 a friend gave me, just need to gear the axle to match (5.38) and weld or find a locker.

    Picked up some front TG leafs second hand but new/unused and got some jy chevy 63s as well as found a never used pile of Sky's Offroad full width swap parts for $100. Just need to finish machining the knuckles on my friends mill. Also picked up a W56 2.28/4.7 doubler to go in. The 4runner was originally a manual but someone swapped and a340 in at some point.

    Original 22re had the #4 rod bearing destroyed and found that water got left in the #2 and #3 cylinders destroying the walls. Got a new block and did a cheap rebuild.

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    March 17, 2020

    Been a slow process on this truck. I did finally get a chance to go pick it up from a friends about 2 hours away and get it in the new garage. Still need to get the welder and plasma wired in.


      April 13, 2020

      Been a busy month but I've been trying to get work done when I can, now that I have 220 setup in the garage.

      Gutted the whole interior to get the cage as tight to the body as possible.

      The rear 63's are almost done. Need to gusset the front mounts and finalize the rear crossmember. Waiting on some u-bolts to mount the axle up and flex it out.

      Stretched the wheelbase. Hoping for 114-116" after the front is pushed out 2-3".


        April 14, 2020

        Was left alone with the sawzall as I moved to the front.

        The rust that started the plan for mini boat sides. going to cut the rockers out to just below the bottom hinge on the door. Probably cut and cap the bottom of the door down the road if I feel like I want doors.

        Trying to figure out how to stretch the rear sheetmetal. Will need to find some bedsides at the junk yard eventually to fix the wheel wells. found several layers of tar roof paper covered in sealant in both rear lower quarters. Interesting fixes in the trucks 34 years of life


          April 15, 2020

          Cut the IFS out with the plasma last night.

          April 20, 2020

          Finally got some parts I ordered so I could hang the rear axle. Need to move the rear crossmember forward and fix the shackle angle


            April 20, 2020

            Than I got the front cleaned up from the IFS. Also made some more cuts on the side of the truck for the mini boat side. Found 34 years worth of crap in the side of the 4runner.


              April 22, 2020

              Well the saw came out last night. Passenger frame is mocked up but needs to come down about 2.5-3" still. Then measure and cut out some fish plates.


                April 23, 2020

                Modified the new frame rails and cut of the passenger side frame off. There is a vertical piece in the frame so, need to either cut that out or add in a filler piece to the 2x3 that goes in the frame.

                New frame rails are tacked together and the spring hanger tacked on at 2" forward and about 2.5" up. This is the same as being mounted in front of the factory frame rather than below.

                I need to get some springs mounted to see how the front looks. May move the mount back an inch or so.


                  April 29, 2020

                  Work has been slow on the truck as it is already over 100 here

                  Started on the shackle tubes for the front. I still need to fully weld the new frame rails and plate them in. The front crossmember will be moved back to get a proper shackle ange when I have weight on the front end.


                    May 15, 2020

                    Getting back to this thing after being gone for a while. Cut up the body some more and started to get the front end welded up. Still need to make some fish plates for the new frame to old frame and mount up the 37s I have.


                      This brings us to the current work that I have been doing. Cut up the side more for the boatside and mocked the fenders up for a 12" pinch in the front. Picked up some 39s and had to put one up to the truck. Starting to wish I just made a whole new frame for this thing. This frame and body is in pretty rough shape, someone sprayed all kinds of undercoating all over the bottom.

                      Cut out the trans tunnel. This truck started out as an auto so the whole tunnel will have to go. I will frame out a 1" square frame to replace it. Also cut up a TG dual case skid I got with the trans and cases and flattened it to start my flat belly.




                          Great progress!


                            Well haven't got much done lately. Installed the transmission and duals on the now flat cross-member and installed to see what else I need to trim. Definitely need to trim the firewall up some more, than bolt the motor up and see where that will mount. The bell housing will probably come up an inch which should help the rear driveline. Pretty sure I will just have to continue the trans tunnel all the way to the rear seat bulkhead though.


                              Wow, looks like lots going on.
                              I hope I never go that far and remain satisfied with how far I've already gone down this 4runner rabbit hole.