The Cream Pie - A 2005 Tundra Build

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    The Cream Pie - A 2005 Tundra Build

    No sub-forum for the Tundra so I am putting this here for all to mock and ridicule. As some know, i already have a fully built crawler, The Dirt Squirrel 2.0. Its been great wheeling it all over the country, but it has always had one drawback. I cant drive it on the street. Full hydro, unbalanced 43s, etc..blah blah blah. So this leads me to build the Cream Pie.

    Some details:

    Base vehicle is a 2wd 2005 Tundra with a 4.0l v6 with a 6-speed manual transmission. 247k miles. Decent shape for the age/mileage.


    SAS with a 05+ Ford Super Duty 60 and a factory disc braked 14B. Built up with some lockers (detroit and grizzly). Front will get the 17+ larger shafts if i can find them.

    3-linked front with hydro assist, deaver leaf rear with maybe a cantilever shock setup (always wanted to do that)

    6.0L LS swap with a NV4500, 261 t-case (for now)

    40" Toyos on 17" ATX Chamber Pro 2s

    14" 2.5" Dia. Accutune Fox Coilovers


    hydroboost from the chevy (maybe)

    Base Vehicle - As vanilla as a Tundra could get

    Threw it on the lift and installed the 14b on the stock leafs. The pad spacing is basically the same as the Tundra rear so i bolted it up.

    Picked up the wheels from a friend (krawlers were sold). Since the 05+ super duty is about 4" wider than the 14b, i bolted on some 8x6.5 to 8x170mm spacers.

    Engine and transmission out

    Choppy choppy. IFS cut off forward of the body mount. The tundra frame is super flexy so the new front frame section will be plated to the body mounts.

    Mockup to check stuff and be a poser for IG

    Start of the front frame section using some 2x4x.120 that i had on the shop floor. The stock tundra frame is basically straight to the front grille. The new one is about a 4-5" rise for panhard/draglink clearances.

    Took a couple months off from the cream pie and built me a run around truck from a rolled tacoma and a 2wd 79 hilux. I give you Elma, the 4wd IFS 3rz/5-speed '79 hilux. I call it the first gen first gen.

    Next to the Squirrel

    Ass shot

    Back to the Tundra. Took a while to find for a decent deal, but here is the donor for the drivetrain. 05 Chevy 6.0/nv4500/261 with 148k miles on it. Drove it 4 hours home. parked next to my tacoma (which is for sale)

    LS mocked up

    Plenty of room for a radiator and fan

    Tundra radiator in to check clearance. room for days. If you have built a mini truck or tacoma, you know how much room you dont have in those things. This was nice. Stock manifolds clear the frame rails by a mile.

    NV4500 bolted up against the floor. I had to beat the tunnel in a few small placed to get everything to fit as high as possible. Not bad at all though.

    Modified the stock tundra crossmember with the mount off the Chevy crossmember and bolted in the 261.

    Room for the driveshaft

    Bonus, the stock chevy one piece driveshaft bolted right in. May have got lucky there.

    Mounted the 40" Toyos

    D60 mockup. Fancy tierod included. If you havent cleaned the radius arm brackets off one of these axles, then you havent lived.

    Had to make some big boy snap ring pliers to get the ford snap rings off to remove the locked up unit bearings. NOTE to everyone. Check if the unit bearings are free before you buy a $300 front axle from the junkyard.

    Steering box mockup. Using an IFS box

    Big order from Ruffstuff during their holiday sale

    Another from Artec to get their free shipping and 15% off holiday sale. So i went ham and ordered all the links and steering/drag link material to save on shipping.

    Start of the 3-link. Used the Artec Combo brackets. Had to notch the factory crossmember for the lowers.

    Shit pic but the truss to oil clearance is about 1/4". I may notch the truss some to get additional room.

    Upper tacked in. I had to redo my passenger engine mount to get it to clear at full bump. Needed to be raised an inch and a half.

    Tie-rod built. Using the Artec weld on crossover steering arms.

    First panhard mockup. NOTE to others: Wait until you get the steering box position set before you waste time on the panhard.



    Won me a set of the Nick Barna BJ Eliminators on a FB waffle page. Score.


    Installed my flat pitman arm from Skys offroad and built the drag link. This is at ride height. Panhard in in the pic. Same angle.

    This let me set the panhard to match the drag link. Both are the same angle and damn near the same length.



    Thats where i am at as of last night. Going to use the lift to check for binding and clearance issues throughout the range of motion for the suspension. If everything checks out, im going to put some strong welds on things and weld some temp shocks in so i can make this a roller and get it off the lift. Its been on there for 4-5 months now. Need to work on other stuff while i wait for my Tacoma to sell so i can order up the coilovers from Accutune.


      Full droop checks out.

      Put on the passenger side hub to mount the tires and took the truck off the lift. I used a few blocks of wood under the oil pan to prop the truck up about 5" from full bump. Some trimming will be required. Especially the rear (if i use these springs). I had to cut down the panhard and drag link about an inch to shift the axle over to the drivers side some. Going to do some final welding to get it off the lift for a while until i can order some coilovers.

      Not the worst approach angle ive seen.


      Well, the cream pie is now officially a roller. Off the lift until i can order the rest of the suspension parts. I welded some scrap pieces between the frame and axle to keep it near ride height.

      Havent touched it since i took it off the lift. Been working on Tims truck in the meantime.

      Tims ride

      Also picked up this gem through an online auction.

      75 f100 Shortbed 300ci inline-6 Automatic. The base of all base models.

      I got it running and driving(ish) last night. Plan is to do the typical crown vic front end swap and use a later model mustang IRS. Drivetrain choice is top secret.


        Havent touched this in 4 months or so. Trying to get Tims truck done first and have this finished by September.


          I dig the 1st gen 1st gen. The tundra is cool too But Franken Taco is my favorite. That said all your shit probably wheels more than mine.

          Thanks for the tech.


            Originally posted by Thefishguy77 View Post
            I dig the 1st gen 1st gen. The tundra is cool too But Franken Taco is my favorite. That said all your shit probably wheels more than mine.

            Thanks for the tech.
            No problem. I hope to be able to provide to this site as the other one. I enjoy forums much more than following along on IG or FB. Ill do my best to update all my build threads.


              keep on building!


                Build thread on the taco-hilux abomination?
                PM Trampas for all of your moderation needs


                  Sweet, I kinda want to build a tundra next.
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                    Originally posted by Broncokyle88 View Post
                    Build thread on the taco-hilux abomination?
                    I have one on Tacoma World.


                      Originally posted by the_white_shadow View Post
                      Fuck yeah, that thing is sweet. And it looks like a simple swap too, almost as simple as Chevy guys claim their stuff is. “It’s like legos”
                      PM Trampas for all of your moderation needs


                        That 1st gen IFS is pimp!