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    Tim's Truck

    I figured i would document the progress of a build that i am working on for my buddy. It started out as a fully functioning (for the most part) 1982 first gen truck. It had the usual 22re/G52/Duals on tons and 39in reds. Its getting some big time changes now.

    Some specs:

    1982 Truck frame on 3rd gen rears up front and deaver LT rears

    Built D60 up front with a HO72 rear.

    New build parts:

    3rd gen extra cab swap with cut down bed sides

    Cammed 6.0L/4l80e/ORD Magnum box to a 205

    4xInnovations Cage

    43 SX stickies

    Rear Radiator


    Some pics from the build so far. Started 3 weeks ago. Plan is to be done in 5-6 months as parts come in.

    Before pics (Ill add more)

    Current Build pics:

    Start of the tear down.

    Powerwashed, rust treated and painted the frame . Had my neighbor help me with lifting the new cab on.

    Notched the cab around the horsecollar to drop the cab down. I though about deleting it, but it is used for the trac bar and is well made.

    For those who havent swapped on a 3rd gen cab to a 1st frame, know that the front body mounts are damn near perfect for the front. I had to drill a couple new holes, but they were about 1/2" near the original holes in the cab. The rears obviously needed to move back and be narrowed some to make it all work.

    Last night i started the mock up of the drivetrain. I used a BFH to get a couple more inches of trans to tunnel clearance. Im still undecided if i want to cut out the floor to raise it up a couple more. Id shove it way back in there like on the Squirrel, but the HVAC stuff is limiting how much i can raise it. He wants heat and maybe AC down the road, so i want to keep everything under the dash in their oem positions.

    [QUOTE="the_white_shadow, post: 44828420, member: 103621"]

    Tims not fucking around. The new shoes came in yesterday from Goforth. I love that new tire smell.

    Had a good weekend working on tims truck. He came over on Saturday and swapped over the new meats. I spent the weekend making custom mounts to mount up the LS and the 4l80e. I think they came out well. Everything is centered and leveled to the chassis.

    Some pics. Couldnt resist throwing on the tires to check the stance and for clearance. With the new deaver rear springs, the center pin spacing moved the axle forward too far causing the rear tire to hit the slider. I am going to cut them off and weld in some new ones to correct the track bar shackle angle and move the axle back 3-4 inches. WB will stay ~115" or so.

    The first gen grille may or may not stay. But i like it.

    A shot of the crossmember. Some floor pan will have to be removed for the magum box to 205 t-cases.

    Back to work on Tims truck. Since we swapped in some deaver LT springs in the rear, we had to move the front spring hangers back a few inches to get the wheelbase back to what it was before. This kept the rear tires out of the cab and straightened the track bar shackle. Sliders are still going to have to be trimmed back. I will mounjt the rear spring hangers once i get all the weight on the bed.

    Next up: Installing the T-case and crawl box. This is an ORD Magnum box in front of a 205. All setup by them.

    A little choppy chop here and there and they are on the tranny output. Need to set the drop then install the studs into the ring on the crawl box.

    Some progress pics over the last month. Im averaging about 10-12 hrs a week on this thing. Coming along great.

    I rebuilt the outers on the front axle. New seals, outer tube seals, new 35-spline shafts, 9/16" wheel studs to match the rear axle, new Yukon Locking hubs, new rotors, fresh paint.

    Motor mounts are welded up. Had to notch the passenger frame a little to clear the header.

    Sliders were tucked in and back 3" to clear the 43s at the back of the cab.

    Motobilt fuel cell and mount. Big ass aluminum radiator and dual fans mounted on some small Kartek bushings.

    Mockup of the spare in the rear. I liked the angled setup, but it blocked some rear visibility, so we are going to lay it flat. The plan is to cut out a 8x6.5 hub pattern out of 3/8" and weld in 4 left over wheel studs to secure it. Ill make a stand tied into the original spare tire mount crossmember.

    Shackle angle mockup with the new Deaver LT tacoma springs. A little too relaxed for my taste.

    More betterer. Mounts are fully welded in and painted now.

    Last night i installed the GoatBuilt accessory bracket. Once again it went out without modification. Cant say that with most off the shelf parts. PSC P-Pump installed as well.

    MSD plugs make the engine look almost complete.

    Thats pretty much it. Waiting on the trans to get back from rebuild, then i can re-install it and the cases. Then measure for driveshafts. Wiring, fuel, plumbing, interior cage, seat mounts, etc. We will see if it can all be done before the Memorial Weekend run .


      Figured id move this one here. I got the trans back last week and installed it yesterday for the last time. Next up t-cases and exhaust. Then wiring and plumbing.


        Glad you are here. was watching this one...



          good to see you bring these threads over

          Up is difficult, down is dangerous


            t-cases and crossmember are in. TC bolted to flexplate. ordered all new Fragola fuel parts to plumb it up when it comes in.


              I really wanted to see this one over here. Glad you invested the time to document it here.


                Back to work on Tims truck yesterday. He is using an LS6 intake on the LQ4 engine which created a clash with the stock LS6 fuel rails and LQ4 coil packs.
                Click image for larger version
Name:	lADn7H3nM3N10-6ioejxO3YAaO-NiZjffZbxgcQHsZagmzZHPRQExvlifSY4BM2ZodzvjwWNWtBY7J3pGvIC7x-caFzcAAQhZLPqWVcUandbr9P2IJWmj6yfM_ojKulE7UI6hM6OtqY=w1000.jpg
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                So to remedy this situation, I installed Holley fuel rails on the intake. Im not a fan of how much the Holley crossover fuel line sticks up in the back so i may make my own thats lowered down some and stays behind the intake manifold.
                Click image for larger version
Name:	qvZQSkcFAqCz4o8zMbmVbnvt2ErCsg3Z2UAB_PrvWPikg6skkvRRkQzh9XTJFs0jFiQlUh_Nk2NYEIMCPfiaWKuRgxOj9vzH7Vu7c3Eu14Z-RnZExeQuz5Ogi-LK0kgE6dDI6-acWho=w1000.jpg
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                After those were installed, i plumbed the rest of the fuel system using Fragola premium nylon race hose with their rebuildable fittings. (Yes i know i need to finish welding the spring hanger on.)
                Click image for larger version
Name:	nn1Qb2NIpv0fAa4CWY7RafAB_gYO2pj-2fzhTt6ZfrcbGusZjnDkubrSqPFibRFFJYvjVwf0oH-p8gV3BoZ5_sKhypN0p_PpKLPzkbJNPd9-Gvoh2ahN_XbXRbNHx_8rJ_X8j8D-yeM=w1000.jpg
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                Click image for larger version
Name:	sV23_17JYSPOcLUV92InV5jS8zKb6sHuRBTCkUAKL6LmyuP-jcHXJdpYkb4H4UBFLzkXONJHGSTuk9KQKiAZjp3JaPPG6LzeXkb00s4jjni8bos9Zz9js8BVR3tdDGVKpr6AxUcwb2I=w1000.jpg
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                  Id rather be lucky than good. This was all that was left of the 15ft of hose i used.

                  Next up ill start on some of the wiring. Plan is to mount the battery behind the passenger or drivers seat and get the front clip on to finalize trans fan placement.


                    Austin Can we figure out a way to have more than 5 IMG codes per post?


                      The last 2 images didn't show up Alex


                        Originally posted by Boomtacoma01 View Post
                        The last 2 images didn't show up Alex


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                            i really wish drag and drop from google photos worked like on other sites. That was my main gripe with PBB. Hard as fuck to add pics. Mud and tacomaworld make it super easy to just drag and drop.


                              When using my desktop, if I view google drive through windows file explorer I can drag and drop photos no problem. Click image for larger version
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