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WTK: drive train questions


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May 19, 2020
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here are some of the sites I use for tracking fires


thermal images from VIIRs satellites. these are the heat maps I post with fire perimeter
also has options to add in current or future wind as well as fire history for past 20 years


northern CA fire news
I get that from Yubanet
look at the happening now page. once a fire gets big enough it will get its own page


track tankers and attack planes on Flightradar24


lookout cameras
Alert wildfire
here is the link to the general Tahoe region


this one is new from just last year. does amazing stuff with maps
normally will be focusing on larger fires but he know a lot about fire (Zeke)
lots of reading material if you want more information that just current burn status
the lookout

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How do you plan on fig8 205 into a driver drop?
Why would you driver drop a cj in the first place?
Stop wasting time and effort on that non existant 465 main shaft. Novak 32spl and d300 kits.
I would use what I have and I have the fig 8 np205.

Why would i use a D300 when I dont own a D300.
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You d18 is NOT a drivers drop
You do NOT have a driver drop fig8 205, in fact no one has one.
You do NOT have 5.5 output shaft either but you insist on getting one when you could buy the 465/kit/d300 and save $500 and get a shorter drivetrain
No I have a passenger drop, both the old D18 and my NP205s are passenger drop.

A good idea or not its my plan.
I suppose a 4bt is out...

Too heavy maybe ?

I thought about a Big block chevy and a small block Chevy those seemed too much so either the chevy v6 or the Buick v6 thats now in it.
".......a D18 transfer case.

Was thinking of using a sm465 into a fig8 np205 driver drop.

With its current engine im sure it m......"

Just going with what you said .

Buick v6 or early 4.3gm are no adapter combos.

As for a 454 or a 4bt.....the fuck dude, the fuck.
Ok just thinking outloud.

A v6 is fine just unsure which one to go with.

And about the driver drop I dont know where that came from as all of the 205's i own are passenger drop but I thought I was going to purchase a driver drop for my parts gathering capability if I ever put a 205 into one of my 07 Chevy trucks.

It would be a 4L80E to driver drop NP205.

But thats way down the line.
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