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Why Did My Bearings Fall Out?

May 19, 2020
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Used my double snowmobile trailer this past weekend to go camping. Lightly loaded (2 full size fourwheelers and one mid size). Noticed the rear wheel was wobbly, checked and the bearings were gone, like missing gone. Nut and cotter pin were still there and the axles were serviced a few years ago (by me). The trailer gets used about 10 times each winter for short trips, low mileage trips (less than 100 miles).

The trailer has never been overloaded, it's physically impossible. It's only 10 feet long and has tandem 3500 lbs axles under it, with tires to match.

Nut and cotter pin still there. Wheel wasn't making any obvious clunking beforehand. I've got a decent ear for that stuff.

Spindle and hub both have some dings. Nothing major, and the race surfaces are fine. Any reason not to reuse the spindle and hub?

Original bearings were chinese, factory ones that came with the axle. Rockwell axles from princess auto (canadian harbor freight).

For now I've stolen the outer races from a spare brake hub and will reinstall. I guess the failure was due to chinesium bearings...we'll see if this one fails again prematurely.

Sometimes shit just fails with no real "reason" I'd re-pack all of them and make sure you don't over-tighten them, that will kill them faster than anything IMHO. I'd rather run wheel bearings a tad loose than a bit too tight!
Because not enough studdlyness..

IE you need 3 more studs to keep it together man!!