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Who you guys using for hydraulic parts?


May 19, 2020
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Tucson Az
I need to repack 9 cylinders on my 1982 JD 410 backhoe
4 bucket, 2 steering, 3 hoe

I walked in to the dealer parts counter, less than helpful, couldn't look it up, said they'd email a quote, hasn't happened

Who do you guys like for seal kits?

Looking for deal on midgrade stuff, machine is never going to be worked hard, just homeowner shit from here out
JD stopped supporting the old stuff. But it isnt like Case or Cat do either.

Periodic use item? Mine is. I just went to Amazon Google Ebay and looked up the right seals for cheap. Work fine. I still need to do the hoe arm, but all the rest are repacked and working great.

Heavy use, everyday equipment? Cant help, didnt delve deep enough in the research to agonize over one slightly better kit vs another.
We use discount hydraulic hose for hose and fittings. Smashes our local dealer pricing by half.
Not sure about places to go, but I will say, I absolutely hate the cylinder caps with the locking ring vs just threaded.

back to the regularly scheduled program.
Get this catalog

All our local shops buy from Hercules Do they sell to general public? If your going to do many of the cyls on the tractor, maybe look into a complete tractor seal kit. When they start goin, the rest aren’t far behind. Make sure u get and use the “tool” to take the gland out of the cyls. Unscrew nut out front, push gland down a bit into tube, remove snap ring , insert “tool” , pull gland back out. If yours uses the snap ring style like ours does (210c)
I think the 410B started in 83. Before that they were just a 410. Different hoe altogether.
Do you have the machine serial number? After looking at Hercules's site you need to pull the cylinders and find the barrel part numbers stamped on the outside so you get there correct seal kits.
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If you know the measurements of the seals you need then https://www.theoringstore.com/ is freakin cheap to put together a kit on your own. If you don't know the measurements of the seals you need then you'd be better off getting pre-assembled kits from somewhere that deals with them. I re-sealed a couple cylinders on our 410D backhoe, but I can't for the life of me remember where I got the kits from. I do remember they were metric seals though...

EDIT: If you can get a John Deere part # then you might be able to find it on their kit page... https://www.theoringstore.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=193_259
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