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Who is your Daddy and what does He do?

All Day Ray. He started driving a cement truck right after HS graduation. After a brief move to be a business agent in his local he retired from the same company he started at. Hardest working person i’ve ever known. #hardmantofollow
Gary. He grew up poor on a farm without electricity milking cows by hand. Left home at 16 and worked as a hired hand on a farm for room & board. Worked as a mechanic at a John Deere dealership until he had enough money to buy a farm in 1972 when he was in his upper 20’s. Farmed there till we gave into the farm crisis and sold in 1989. Then he drove milk truck for a few years and then bought his own semi and bullrack and started hauling hogs from buying stations. When the shift moved to large consignment operations and the buying stations died off he switched to a hopper bottom and hauled corn and corn distillers. Around age 60 or so he went to work for a local grain operation as a buyer and supervising their truck fleet. He turned 75 in March and is the hardest working man I know.
Albert R. Grew up almost dirt poor in Arkansas during the great depression, he ate a lot of squirrel and possum amongst other delights. In his teens he followed the wheat harvest south to north for room and board and a little cash. He felt the call and enlisted during WW2 into the army air corps. He stayed in until he had enough after his first tour of Korea. During that time he married my mother a ND farmers daughter whom he met following the wheat harvest.

When he became a civilian he went into business for himself as a boot maker/ repairer and owned several shops at the same time all in MT. He also owned a few LGS sporting goods type shops at that time as well. needless to say a twelve hour day was a short day for him.

In 1977 he got a wild hair and we moved to Canuckistan where he remained a business owner until his death 11 years ago.

He was proud to have served his country but angry at the way he was treated after his discharge. He would talk about his time in service but kept a lot of secrets. I once asked him if he believed in UFOs and he told me "In my time I got to see things that the civilians didn't see until 20 years later, that might just be what they are seeing now"

As a father he was a little tough but fair, his lessons and example made me into the man I am, I am proud to be his son RIP dad.
Professional ball player, gambler, womanizer but a nice guy. He died around 1995 at 83 years old
My biological aunt and her husband adopted me when i was 2 or 3, Don, 5th grade school teacher, not ambitious at all. Loves his job, will never retire, very good at his job, does all kinds of cool science stuff with his classes, outside of that he did juggling and magic, now he does street photography. I knew he was a good teacher, and extremely patient, I used what I learned when I trained new people, or teach my kids something, definitely a skill.
For a long time I knew he was a good teacher, but I just recently realized he was really good at the things he likes, he's had poetry published, performed magic in front of hundreds, now his photography has been published. We rarely see eye to eye, but cool guy for sure.
A tree hugging hippie who grew up in Santa Monica. Had the plan to run to Canada in his Beetle had the draft not ended a few months before his eligibility came around. Knocked up my mom her senior year, and they eloped on her 18th. Got a job at the USPS to be a carrier out of Long Beach, but his Beetle was stolen the night before he was supposed to start. They gave him a chance, let him work a window as a clerk in Culver City, and the rest is history. He stayed there and moved through the ranks and divisions until he retired about a decade ago running the payroll department in Nashville. He also moved up through the union ranks and was their VP for the Nashville local until health issues forced him to resign (also how he wound up in Payroll, it was less stressful than being the head of the Bulk Mail division).

Not the hardest worker by far... that was instilled in me by his father, the retired engineer (with no education) from Standard Oil.
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Steve. Career sailor. Went to sea at 13, dropped out and went full time at 15. Left the big ships and worked a job he hated for almost 30 years for the benefits, so his kids could have braces and glasses and my mum could be a stay at home mum. Asbestosis makes it hard to walk 100 yards without gasping. Wrecked knees and back make it hard to walk 100 yards without crying. Drinks beer and rum. Really proud of his grandson. Nothing remarkable, just a regular old guy, but I love him and my mum still tolerates him. I want to do better.
Robert L, was an exceptional football, basketball, baseball player and good enough in track to go to the Drake Relays. He ran against Jesse Owens and got left in the dust, he loved talking about meeting and running against him.

Had a contract to play pro ball with the White Sox, went into the Army Air Corps instead. Fought in Africa and Italy and was half way to Japan when they surrendered.

When he got discharged he worked days in construction and went to night school. Started a construction company and did commercial jobs for 22 years until he broke his back. Spent 3 years having surgery and rehab 4x. Retired from construction and went to work as a building inspector for 23 years.

He worked hard and was a great guy and I miss him every day.
NYPD in the thirties during the Depression and rose to Detective. Was considered the best driver in the NYPD and was a great shot, too. Retired and opened his own business. Taught me to wrench. Passed in 1976. I miss him.
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Career OTR truck driver and partied (hard) with strippers and lot lizards. Got in a bike wreck one day and upon waking up from his coma found out he had stage-death cancer. Died a couple months later.
John. Was the black sheep of a very wealthy southern family. Just a wanderer from the get go. Met my mom when he was living in a tent behind her house, the giants won the superbowl and 9 months later i was born. He took up long hall trucking to pay the bills and would talk me through my homework every night on the phone. After about 20 years of that he hung it up and bought a business. He could build or make or fix anything... if he had enough time. He was a perfectionist with a.d.d. and a sleeping disorder, so our time spent together was a slough of half finished projects.
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Dad. Retired NAVY Deep Sea Diver and firefighter. Best man at my wedding. You want something built on your house, he's the guy. Been swinging hammers for over 50 years. He and my boy and inseparable. Absolute best friends.

Merle, dairy farmer from KS. Lives on his great grandpa's farm, he finally got his name solely on the deed a couple months ago at 72. Battered and worn out, he still goes out every single day and works. Doesn't matter. Just glad he gave up dairy after I went to college. Still row crop and some beef. Hard as nails and tough as hell. You would never know what he is feeling. Stoic
Werner. Worked in electronics for various companies.
Rate/range system for the lunar lander.
Spent time on a boat that chucked charges into the pacific to map the sea floor. Or whatever else was floating between the top and bottom.
Something I never really understood no matter how many times I heard about it for the Concorde.
Spent most of his time while I was around working at Pratt & Whitney. Jet and rocket engines. There were always cool air shows at his workplace. Got to go on a bus to see the space shuttle launch from the close bleachers because there was a fuel pump or something he worked on being used.
Retired and made it to 2018 before cancer got to him. He would have enjoyed the hell out of watching the last few years unfold.
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Duck, served during Vietnam with the 101st. Spent most of his working life building overhead cranes and mining equipment. He was still working 12s right up until he retired at 67, still misses working. Always told me to use my brain and not my body, should have listened. He was a welder and it's how I spend my days now. Oddly enough when he was welding his partner had the same name as my partner.
Bio dad, no clue... I was adopted at birth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Adopted dad, killed in a car accident in ‘74.

Step dad, now a retired state employee. Steve is an avid golfer, keeps a very detailed “grill log” (could be made into a grilling guide), all around great guy :beer:
Herbie, but goes by his middle name, Frank. Born in the middle of nowhere North Dakota but moved around a lot as the son of a military father until his dad died when he was 14. Had a full ride to college for baseball but got to go fly a Huey gunship in Vietnam instead. Shattered his leg in a motorcycle accident not long after returning, which killed the baseball dream. He has managed a textile manufacturing plant for the last 45 years and probably will until he dies since he remarried when I was 22 and I have a half brother and special needs sister that are the same ages as my kids.
Gordon E. Born in Canada Married my Mom who was born in Italy he learned Italian to ask my Grandpa permission to marry my Mom
he became a Citizen by waiting on an opening ...wasn't easy however his love for OUR Country he never gave up.

He started as bank teller and car repo man ( trust me was a nice guy let peeps slide under radar in Hollywood,ca tuff times hit everyone)
I had a box of letters from customers giving him praise for helping ... imagine a $20 car payment could break ya ...tuff times

Worked his way up became bank VP at a Century City Bank then on to Bank Pres in Newport bch
he helped many become independent business owners by trusting them ( banks do not operate that way since the early 1960's )

He knew everyone in hollywood and music including Frank Sinatra and his best friend was Sinatra's lear jet pilot
( Mom n Dad flew on that jet many times to Palm Springs )
Bob Hope was a good friend we lived a few blocks away in Toluca Lake I went to school with many in TV n show biz from where we lived.

Friday's you find him taking me and others camping with the Boy Scouts

sadly he died from ALS ( no one really knew what was wrong until weeks before he passed ) I was 12.5 yrs old
I was 1 of 6 kids and my Mom had a very ruff time after he passed
What I leaned from him .... "You give your word - Keep It "

Step dad was an asshole... we never got along - was fine as i moved out at 17 supported myself.
Greg. He was raised by a single mom in AZ and older sisters after Grandma ran from an abusive relationship with my grandpa, they were farmers in Iowa. His mom was tough on him. He joined the Navy and was living the biker lifestyle and was probably headed toward being in a biker gang. He met my mom, knocked her up on accident. He left the biker lifestyle and started working as a truck driver. He worked at a company for many years moving up, but hating his job. He worked hard and instilled that and the love for the outdoors in me. He blew out his back and has been medically disabled since. He didn't do anything extraordinary, but he was there and taught me things. Good and bad.
Bob. Spent a couple years in the Army, then went to work for FoMoCo. Retired from there after 35 years. Loved coaching little league baseball, golfing and fishing.

passed almost 2 years ago.
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