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Who is going to be member #1000


Member #42 if by Bus
May 19, 2020
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Jackson, MS USA
Member #2020 is going to be the most awesomest, though. If it's not a verified troll, I'm gonna burn this mutherfucker to the ground
Just posting to see what member number shows up. Maybe it will change
At the rate we're going, we should know who #1,000 will be by Saturday or Sunday.

We're almost to #900 now.

home page says 891 but the last registrant says #905. So, I'm going with over 900 since the member # must not correspond to the number on the home page

edit: 906

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Welcome to our newest member, Hubbler.
How do you all figure it out on a tablet.

If it’s iPad, just hold down on your username and a link will popup

Screw the WHO and FEMA AMD lots of Democrats
I am 664 it appears. Too bad I didn't let a couple more register ahead of me. This place filled up quick.