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Jul 8, 2009
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The amendment, offered by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, calls for the removal of names of Confederate leaders from all military assets -- whether it's a base, installation, facility, aircraft, ship, plane or type of equipment -- within three years.


The amendment was added to the annual defense authorization bill,

well....this is pretty amazing.

in case you haven't heard, "the Army" said it was open to having a conversation regarding base name changes this week. the next day, the president tweeted a pretty flat no to conversation.

now the defense authorization act has this political snuggle bunny wrapped in to it. All Military Assets. broad? yes.

I don't know what else to say, other than amazing.

in case anybody is wondering, the DOD uses famous generals and groups from all sides of history to name things. Why? there is already too many letters and numbers. Also why? history is important, it sparks conversation and critical thinking.
Fukkin pinko's
?Who said? stay the course men!

this country needs some backbone

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Think Fort Trump would make them happy?
Well, there goes Ft. Polk, I grew up outside of there. I believe Polk was a confederate. this shit is getting stupid.
Trump already killed this stating he will have no part of erasing the history of those bases
that was before it was added to the Defense Authorization Act.

So the question becomes, will congress allow this to get to the desk of the president? It will be pretty unique if the president veto's the DA. What, and i mean WHAT crazy nonsense will they settle on as "compromise" for this to get a 'clean' DAA through?

Congress previously recognized ALL confederate troops as "united states of America" troops. So yeah, there is no "well they lost, they weren't US troops" or any of that nonsense.
Trump already killed this stating he will have no part of erasing the history of those bases

Get Some!

ANY sitting President that supports tearing down the country should be a RUNNING President (as in away).

ya'll hear that whirring sound????

That's the gi's who have gone before us, rolling over in the grave!