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What have you done with your cj dash


Atom Smasher
May 22, 2020
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The cj is getting a complete wiring job done, and i am putting back in a stock cj dash. It came with just a flat piece of stainless with a stock gauge in it. Looking for some ideas on what people have done with their dashes to give them the info and aux switches they need without taking too much away from the IMO beauty of a stock cj dash.

im running a sniper system so the 4" screen gives me most of the engine info i need. Ill be swapping out the temp gauge for an oil pressure gauge, i like to know exactly where the pressure sits with the AMC in her.

and somehow integrating a painless switch box, probably mounting it to the bottom of the dash.

Just looking for some inspiration/ides to get all the modern conveniences without it looking modern...

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Wow,didnt realize how shitty that pic was from the seller......I'll see if I can grab some better ones
We did my brothers CJ5 dash in Stainless. One thing we figured out is that if you place gauges anywhere around the steering column you will need to come up with a way to tilt them up towards the driver or you will not be able to see the top of the gauge. May be a similar issue with the sniper screen, sit in it and make sure the angle will work before you finalize anything.
I'm running the stock CJ dash, but set the radio in a tuffy center console. Then made a blank for the stock radio location and installed a mechanical water temp guage centered with a couple toggle switches on either side for some accessories...sorry no pic at this time.
thanx guys. good point about the angle of the gauges, even the stock ones could be angled a bit towards the driver. i think i just need to sit down and really think about what i have to have in there and what probably isnt really necessary and go from there.
I went with the "less is more" approach with my CJ. The speedo/tach are the only 2 gauges mounted to the dash. The rest are in pods on the cage bar and the head unit is in the console.

Hey it's my Dash :smokin:

Agree with Bro - the angle would be nice. Switch panel is removable to wire without removing dash as needed. Heater / vent controls are drilled in over the switch panel now. Careful with the placement on those, they like to bind if you don't get them lined up right / supported. New cables helped.

Let me know if want any ore photos.

I like the roll bar mounted gauges there mdmike. :beer:
Mine is mostly the stock layout except I laid 3 gauges out on an arc around the speedo so I can’t fit the stock defroster duct in :homer:. Trans temp and water temp are on either side of the column. All gauges can easily be monitored without having to move my head to look. After my first trip out west I realized I needed to move all controls and switches to within easy reach so I built the full length console onto my tuffy console.
i like this!!! i was trying to figure out how to incorporate a center console with twin sticks and an auto. i was going to try to keep my column shifter just to save room. but this also makes sense. i think as far as gauges go im going with speedhut cj spedo and a oil pressure and trans temp. the sniper screen has everything else i should ever need to see.
Heres what i ended up with. tried to keep the stock look but needed to angle the 6 gauge pod. DD fab has been making custom dashes and addon ons like what i used for a while.


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Speaking of dashes....anyone have the dimensions from the drivers side edge to the center of the steering column tube? Same thing at the base going through the firewall? Help would be appreciated.
New build with a blank CJ dash. Only cutout was for the steering column. Tried to keep it clean and simple with the Holley 6.86" Pro Dash and Switch Pros RCR-Force 12.

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