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What axles would be under a 67 IH 1 ton dually?


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May 20, 2020
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How hard to swap it to SRW? Is it a matter of just swapping hubs or flipping them or?
Get some pics of the wheel hub and find out exactly what it is. You may be able to swap some early ford outers or look into disc brake swaps.

I did a d44 disc swap on a 72 f250 and the only oddball piece was i had to bor out some derlin/umhw spindle bushings. Everything else was bolt on stock.
I would get the vehicle and from there you can easily Identify the axles. I have had trucks that should be a D60 BUT someone swapped it out for an 8 lug D44 before. I went to buy it thinking it had a D60 and a divorced NP205. Someone changed the D60 to D44 and the NP205 to a dana 20 or some shit like that. Needless to say was a deal and I bought to sell the title/vin since it was pre smog and the rest of the truck for parts and made a little money but 1/10 the amount I would have if it had the stuff like it should stock under it.
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