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What are you guys using on your boots?


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May 19, 2020
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Red Bank, NJ
Is saddle soap and beeswax enough to keep work boots in good shape? If not what else should I be using?
I use saddle soap to clean w/old toothbrush first, wipe off residue w/rag. Apply mink oil liberally & let sit overnight & wipe down.

Depends on outdoor exposure, but repeated applications all the time-
Most all of the above, neatsfoot oil also.

Never use silicone, seals and stops them breathing so the sweat stays inside the leather grain...
Neatsfoot oil can sometimes include mineral oil which quickens dry time but can embrittle leather over time. Look for "PURE". "Prime" and "Compound" are indicators of mineral oil. I'm not a fan as it can be slimy when put on and attract dust which can get into stitching and wear prematurely

I prefer Dr Jackson's Hide Rejuvenator. It is a combo of lanolin and beeswax with no chemical adulterants. It is solid a room temp so not slimy. I put it on with a heat gun set low then let boots sit on a radiator to set it. Does a really good job bringing back old dry leather. Used it for over 30 years on everything. Can work on wood in a pinch too.

huberds shoe grease, obenaufs, and just got bick4 to try on dress shoes(it's not supposed to darken them).

I even use obenaufs and huberds on gloves too.
I've been using huberds for years. Works great. I used something else because it was all that was in stock when I bought my last pair of daily boots and they cracked across the toe in 6 months. Warrantied the boot and switched back to huberds going on a year with the new pair. Grease monthly typically, sometimes more or less depending on weather etc.
Fluid film is the best thing I’ve used after trying multiple things.
Fiebing's Saddle soap on work boots, if anything at all.

i have something else i use on my good boots, i need to go remind myself what that is.
I used Fluid Film on my last go round, it's been holding up since Thanksgiving. Boots are softer too!
I use Huberds grease on anything outdoors. Loggers, hikers, DKs all get the grease. Skidmores on indoor boots.
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Does anyone know of something that will help with the leather rubbing off on steel toes?
On my newest set of Chips I drilled new holes on the extra frilly tongue and repositioned it to cover the corner that wears on the steel toe portion. Working pretty good so far.
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