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May 19, 2020
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Why is it that Michael Baden seems to be the pathologist for all these controversial cases?

the story goes, the family wants a private examination of the body so they hired this super high profile pathologist.

The same pathologist who examined JFK, MLK, OJ's wife, Epstein and testified in the trials.

So he's been involved with all these super controversial deaths and now he's the guy doing the Autopsy for George Floyd? Really?

The guy was chief examiner for NYC in the late 70's, probably the darkest years for the NYPD.

He was named the House Select Committee on Assassinations for the warran commission.

the dude pops up all the time with assassinations. That's basically his shtick. He does the autopsy on assassinations and then gives testimony in the trials.
Why? Because he is the expert’s expert.

What are the odds you can not be such a dumbass?