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Welcome, please read ……


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May 1, 2020
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Welcome, please read ……

Glad everybody found it, I was worried VS would pull the post. Then again, I’m not at all surprised they didn’t pay attention to it.

There have been several questions, so I’ll post some quick answers …..
  • Rules
    • PBB rules are in effect, I'll make an actual post with some rules today
    • You know 35% right? Practice it. There is a 35% post icon to use so people have a heads up.
    • I'm all for 100% free speech. We need to use a little couth in the public forums this first week, Apple and Android are reviewing the mobile apps and it would suck it they didn't get approved because somebody posts something that they disapprove of. I think you'll like the apps so .... behave a bit
  • Why is this this or that missing?
    • One of the big complaints about PBB was too many forums. Many things have been left off to try and remedy that, but they may be needed if there is simply no place for them. The site will be governed by user need vs corp greed. I'm happy to add stuff back in I'd just like a consensus.
  • Am I inviting JKO
    • Not directly
    • I don't care who you invite, I think all VS forums should be invited
    • Like Pirate, it may not be for everybody, they better have thick skin. I'm not here to deal with feelings.
  • Premium Memberships
    • For some reason they are call Subscriptions now which is stupid because they still call 'following a tread' the same thing.
    • I'll work on rebranding it to 'memberships', I've already fixed the link at the top of the page
    • There are 3 options in your user settings under Subscriptions, read about them here.
    • Vendors please contact me before registering
    • I'm disabling the 'Blue Skull' temporarily until I can help you get set up on it and it makes sense for people to use it.
  • Trailer Park?!?
    • its already there for premium members
  • Where are my old PBB posts?
  • Feature Requests
  • Wondering how you do xyz on the forum, check the Site Support Section

This will be updated as needed :usa:
Here Here


Hurry up and spill it on the Blue Skull

I'm tryin to spend some money here and don't want to do it in the wrong place:flipoff2:
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My opinion just because I'm not sure about what kind of liability it opens up is leave old PBB posts on PBB, if someone has a build thread they can pull over what they want and summarize. I think it would be healthier to step away from the dead weight.
If you want this to completely replace PBB, then we must get EVERYONE to switch over. Everyone meaning EVERYONE. I've seen this fail a few times before. Ends up with everyone gravitating over to the old site because EVERYONE didn't come over.
I'll mod any Mopar related forum. I've been a Global Mod on Ramchargercentral.com for close to a decade or so. If nothing else I can correct the spelling of "Cummins" in the Dodge forum.
Anyone told Frank so he can wheel his ass over here?

Edit: I'm a mod on another forum seeing as everyone seems to be throwing their hat in the ring :flipoff2:
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One way to be prepared is.... uh..um, ah... Creating diversity & resiliency ?
do you really thing there is a enough traffic to justify all those sub forums or does it make it a PITA to sort later on if things grow?
Thanks for this, I'd hate to lose the entertainment value of all you bastards. 😘
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