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Weird to think this is my go-to now...


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May 19, 2020
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Seems odd, but deleted my PBB bookmark today in favor of this one.

Honestly, I'm not missing anything

Thanks for keeping it real!
I honestly love it! It was the easiest transition I have made... look forward to dropping in here, as opposed to that sites name which I will not udder. :flipoff2:
It's weird for me too. We were working on my FSJ project and have already started to refer to PBB as "the old pirate board".
I've been on the old site at least once a day every day for probably the last 10 years and it's surprising me how easy the changeover is. I hit the wrong bookmark this morning and man the old gcc is a ghost town
I'm liking it here too. Seems like a solid group of folks.
Same here. I've preached for years about it being nearly impossible to migrate everyone from an old forum to a new one. Too many people splinter off, no one can decide which new forum is to be the "one" and many don't want to leave the old forum. But VS did the one thing that would push everyone out, they locked it down for too long and by some miracle, the post was up on the front page of ShitChat to come here. But either way, I don't log in to the old site anymore. It lost it's meaning a long time ago and has just circled the drain since then.
I stopped going shortly after VS took it over. I got ridiculed by a lot of people, because I told them things were going to change. Guess what. Things changed :laughing: I dont miss that place one bit,but I am happy to have this place.
I drop in and watch.

They aren't bringing back the smileys they are just playcating everyone

I asked them to fix my name. I'm not sure how long its been wrong but I realized the other day when I had to sign in with email

Was asked what was wrong with it so I politely just spelled it for them as it should and has appeared since 07.

Its not gramically correct but at least it was obvious that I wasn't a girl.

With out the punctuation it looks like a girls sign in:laughing:

I didn't realize that till just the other day.
I am happy here.

I went back fro a min yesterday as I wanted to find a thread that is over there to show someone.

This is my new place, thank you Admin dude!
PBB-2.0 is pretty nice

or IBB

or *BB

the mass 2 day migration definitely helped make this place feel like home

its like a new bar with the same ol crowd:smokin:
Easy switch for me, I saw the link for here and signed up. I've been back like maybe three times and have since deleted the bookmarks. I didn't contribute anything noteworthy so no great loss to walk away. Also I looks like any tech can be asked and the same wealth of info will be here.
This is my go too for sure. But I still watch over there as well. I have noticed the change in coming here as a habit and I am not disappointed. The group of assholes here is like nowhere else I have found.