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Was cruising the WTF thread.


In Hell
May 20, 2020
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Anybody remember when the fucktard twins were prophesizing back in july? I saw this and thought I would revive their fucktardedness for funs sake.

I know when to be afraid. I've been reading about this since literally January, when did you hear about it?

Now I read that the thing is mutating cells. They reach out with little axon-like tendrils and infect other cells.

I plowed through all of those primary-source articles with google at hand to explain the terms to me, and I did it for almost 10 weeks. I did this with the point of disproving that COVID was a serious threat, and that it is some type of control tool.

Welp, it's not.

What do you think, that Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, France, the US, Canada, Australia, and any of the other 20 nations which I read articles from are all faking information from several scientific institutions each? Did you even understand that sentence.

If this is a control conspiracy, it's Aliens. There's no way that NWO, the Illuminati, the Jews, or even the Chinese have that much power and control.

If you are not scared by COVID, you are a goddamned fool.

Idiot. Selfish idiot.

You're the moron here.
And you don't have the mental capacity to "get" it.
So you will stay moron.

Idiots everywhere.... The strong will survive... You selfish loser.

USA is massively in the second (third probably as well) wave, and still you have all these stupid retards not helping anyone.
Me. Me. Me. That is not freedom.

Other countries won't let you in because of failed covid leadership. And you know what? They are right and you losers are wrong.

Over here, mandatory masks might even go away in a week or two. Looking good.

Hey twat did the mask BS go away in germany? Or ist der furher making you wear three?
Daily reminder that Covid is just a seasonal flu that was completely overblown to win an election :flipoff2:

And justify bailing out liberal municipalities who had made unsustainable promises in the name of vote buying. And social security, grandma will get her check, as promised, it'll get her a can of cat food and a candle to eat it by.

Weimar America
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