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Ward, you're being hard on the Beaver...

You know we have a ton of Celebrities to kill off in the next 10 years, and they've been totally forgotten because 2020 is the Armageddon.

We lost Tom Petty, Ginger Baker, J Geils, Malcolm Young and others recently. Brian Johnson had to quit performing or go totally deaf, and Angus has dementia from head-banging for 40 years straight.

We lost Bill Withers and Little Richard this year. Bill did the best Soul/R&B song of all time probably and RnR wouldn't exist in it's present form, or for the Golden Age, w/o Richard.

Lost Burt Reyonlds and Jerry Reed both recently.

Here's upcoming:

The Queen (oh shit, I said it!)

Mick Jagger
Kieth Richards
Jimmy Page
Robert Plant
Pete Townshend
Roger Daltry
David Gilmore
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

^^^ That right there is the central Golden Age of rock. Those guys come right out of the 1950s in fact, not even the '60s. That's almost 100 years ago and they've totally dominated the scene. They are our Rock Gods.

Jack Nicholson
Clint Eastwood
Ahh-nud Swarzenegger
Sean Connery
My Cocaine
Robert Duvall
Al Pacino
Bobbie Deniro
Don Sutherland
Morgan Freeman
James Earl Jones
Anthony Hopkins
Cheech & Chong
Woody Allen
Mel Brooks
Dustin Hoffman

^^^ that is pretty much the bulk of Hollywood and all of those fuckers are old as hell. 80s. That's a lot of foreskins keeping those bags alive, I love every one of those guys too. They're gonna be gone quick.