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BRC Twelve Days of Legal Updates| Day 3: Labyrinth Rims, UT

BlueRibbon Coalition

Chelsey Gregory

This fall the Bureau of Land Management released a draft plan to close over 420 miles of world-class off-road routes near Moab in the area called Labyrinth Rims and Gemini Bridges. This was one of the most absurd proposals we’ve seen to close public land that is recognized as a premiere destination for outdoor recreation. We were encouraged to see a surge of opposition to this plan from all recreation user groups.

As you can see from the video below, these closures aren’t targeted to just motorized users. They are targeting everyone.

he comment period ended in October, and the Bureau of Land Management will take several months to review the comments and incorporate the feedback they received into a final decision.

Because we expect wilderness advocates to sue the Bureau of Land Management if they don’t adopt a plan that closes all of these routes, we are preparing to go the distance to keep Moab’s world-class public lands open for all recreation users.

You can help us prepare for this fight by becoming a sustaining member of the 10,000+ Project



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