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Trying to find a book. What is it's title?


Middlesex NY
May 19, 2020
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Middlesex NY
You readers here may know of it. Many years ago I heard about a book but never got it's title. Here's the part of the story I remember someone talking about.

There was a system which controlled what you could buy based on your health, I guess. If you had sugar problems, you couldn't buy groceries that had sugar in them and were bad for you. That sort of thing. Eventually, you couldn't buy ANY groceries because they were all bad for you in some way, so there was an 'underground' group of people who would use their credits or whatever to buy groceries for the people who couldn't.

I know that's a lot to go on. :rolleyes: Also the book is probably at least thirty years old.

What do you know?

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