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Trail Etiquette for Newbies (and Everyone actually)


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May 19, 2020
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Concord, CA
Taken from a post I made years ago at the place with the P in the name.
I thought it would be good to share this for those who are just getting into wheeling, and want to learn a bit.

Common Sense & Courtesy goes a long way.

As a Scout Owner, I've always tried not to be "That Guy"... But let's face it, sometimes sh*t happens.

A broken rig/owner should make every effort to:
  1. Move off the side of the trail ASAP
  2. Ask for help moving said rig off the trail
  3. if you are fixing it where it sits (blocking trail) get it done within 15 minutes
  4. If fixing/moving takes longer than 15 minutes.. Give a cold beverage to those waiting (extras to those who help).
  5. Don't be a "D*ck".
Those stuck behind said rig should:
  1. Be Patient (for at least 15 minutes)
  2. Offer assistance to help speed things along
  3. If you decide to attempt passing their rig, communicate with the other guy
  4. Don't be the first guy to be a "D*ck" (remember, some guys freak out when shit breaks)
Always remember, that some people freak out when things break. Some more than others.
If that's the case, try to help diffuse the situation. Pull them aside for a 5-10 minutes and distract them a bit.... Maybe with a cold beverage.

Some other common sense guidelines:
  • Avoid going Alone
  • If you are new, try to go with people with some good experience (not several other newbies).
  • Go Prepared! Do i need to make a list? Food, Water, Tools, Clothing, etc.
  • Leave No Trace! Pack it In, Pack it Out (or more!)
  • Be Courteous to others (especially late at night, if you see a tent near the trail, try to be chill with music and RPMs)
  • Safety FIrst! (Always, I mean Always wear a seat belt. 98% of injuries could have been prevented with belts)
Feel free to post up/add suggestions


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May 20, 2020
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Another good add would be learning dirtbike or atv hand signals. 1 behind, 2 behind, etc. Seen plenty of people just wave back and then be surprised at the 2nd atv.


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May 19, 2020
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My .02 from the con this weekend....
"If someone bails yer azz out "
(anything goes here)
PARTICULARLY if they sustain a loss or damage that would NOT have happened unless helping you out......
Reciprocate the favor and try and pay for the supplied items!
We lost an ignition circuit that cost a gearbox.
(read tow out BOTH rigs) fubar.

now you guys on granite bowl sunday gettit right!